Learn How to Test Your Car's Battery with a Voltmeter

To test your car battery with a voltmeter, you'll need to have a wire brush, safety goggles, and some quality work gloves.
  1. Turn off the car engine and open the hood. Put on the glasses and gloves and clean the battery terminals with your wire brush.
  2. The voltmeter has one red cable and one black cable. The red is to be attached to the positive end of the battery, black will go to negative side of battery.
  3. Once you turn the meter on, you want to see the reading at or above 12.4 for a good battery. If the reading is at 12.2 or lower, the power is weak and the battery may not be able to hold a charge any longer.
  4. Remove the black cable first, then take the red cable off the battery.
The crew at Barnes Crossing Hyundai is available to check the battery and rest of the charging system for issues.
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